To highlight the quality ingredients used in our cakes and butter creams we keep things simple. We believe in clean, bright flavors so we use the finest ingredients; dark cocoa, bourbon vanilla beans, toasted ground hazelnut. We let the ingredients speak for themselves and don't disguise them with excessive decorations or embellishments. Our cakes come in two sizes, a four inch small and a 6 inch large. Flavors change with the seasons, though we always have our chocolate cake available as it's become a local favorite.

For custom event and wedding cake inquiries please email us at:

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting rich, bittersweet chocolate cake layered with buttery chocolate frosting. 

Chocolate Cupcakes chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate frosting.

Counter Cake cake by the slice is available most days.  some of our favorite flavors include chocolate salted caramel and coconut with a passionfruit filling.

Cupcake of the Month every month we feature a new cupcake flavor for our customers to enjoy. the flavors are largely seasonal and try to utilize as many local and in-season ingredients as possible. Past favorites include blueberry maple, strawberry shortcake, and a beet red velvet with a pistachio filling.

Chamomile Apricot  buttermilk cake, dried chamomile flowers, apricots, and swiss meringue buttercream. Delicate herbal notes balance the delicious blend of sweet and tart!