Slow Traditional Methods

At Fire Island, finding the best ingredients is the first step. Then the real work begins. Every week we hand zest and juice cases of lemons, limes, and oranges. There is no substitute for fresh citrus. Plus the fresh-squeezed orange juice helps our bakers ward off colds. Every egg that comes through our doors is a whole, organic egg.  On a given day, over 400 eggs are separated into yolks and whites by hand. 

Alaska has a short growing season, so we must preserve the bounty in traditional ways in order to enjoy it year-round. We buy up all of the tomatoes that couldn’t quite ripen and pickled them for our pickled green tomato BLT. In our giant crock, we ferment hundreds of pounds of cabbage for our pastrami sandwich and hot peppers for our hot sauce that brightens up our breakfast sandwich. We brine whole brisket and cure whole pork bellies before smoking them in house for our pastrami and bacon.