Our cookies are baked throughout the day because nothing beats a warm cookie.

Classic Chocolate Chip A classic, chewy chocolate chip cookie, totally loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips. The taste of the butter and chocolate can shine because we use less sugar.

Coconut Macaroons Simply shredded coconut, egg whites, and sugar cooked and baked to perfection. Also available dipped in chocolate.

Ginger Lemon This sandwich cookie is filled with a brightly flavored lemon cream cheese ganache, which perfectly balances the rich flavors of ginger and molasses.

Peanut Butter Crème Sweet, peanut butter ganache sandwiched between crisp peanut oatmeal cookies. This is the cookie that will get you to the top of Flat Top.


Parisian Almond Macarons A rarity in Alaska, these are light, chewy, almond meal and egg white-based sandwich cookies. Our macarons are lovely, subtle colors because Fire Island uses no chemical dyes in any of our baking. Our fillings are naturally flavored with lemon zest, berries, hazelnut, chocolate and other seasonal flavors. Pair with our unique wooden container to make a great gift.

Various Holiday Cookies Enquire on the holidays for individually-sold and decorated cookies, or special order a cookie platter for Hanuakkah or Christmas.  Trays vary from year to year but varieties include toffee, biscotti, fruit and oat bars, jam thumbprints, sesame wafers, Russian tea cakes, brownies, butter cookies, rugelach, macaroons, chocolate sandwich cookies, peeps, and more.