How do we do it you may ask? Is it our small batches made quickly? The buckwheat flour? The tanginess of Nancy’s low fat yogurt? The hearth’s heat creating the near caramelization of the bottom of the scone? High-quality additions such as organic, unsulphured dried apricots or THE best dried cherries ever?


Ham Cheddar Chive   A single muscle ham from Mat-Valley Meats paired with Dubliner cheddar and spicy green onion makes this the perfect savory treat.

Raspberry Lemon Zest   Our signature scone that’s been on the menu since day one – with lemon curd and raspberries.

SPECIAL SCONES (available certain days, see menu)


Apple Bourbon Pecan A house favorite! This scone is the epitome of fall flavors with local apples and toasted pecans  

 Apricot Fennel An unexpected, addictive combination of fennel and apricots- if you like fennel seeds, this is a must.

Blackberry Rhubarb An amazing combination of tart rhubarb and succulent blackberries.

Fig Walnut Dried figs, toasted walnuts, and buckwheat flour make this scone hearty and incredibly satisfying


With the exception of the Beet Pecan Chevre, all our muffins are made with some percentage of whole-wheat or high-extraction flour (high-extraction flour lies somewhere between whole-wheat and white bread flour). All are hearty and not overly sweet.



Über Blueberry  Lightly toasted wheat bran and plenty of blueberries easily make this muffin a breakfast favorite among many.

SPECIAL MUFFINS (available certain days, see menu)

Apple, Raisin & Walnut An insane amount of chopped fresh apples and raisins make this our fruitiest muffin.

Beet Chevre This vibrantly colored muffin comes alive with the earthy flavor of local beets, the salty tang of chevre, and the richness of toasted pecans

Lemon Poppy Seed The addition of extra virgin olive oil makes this a unique lemon poppy seed treat. This is a dairy-free, nut-free muffin.