Apple Crumble Tart It doesn't get cozier than this tart with fresh cut apples baked in a spiced apple butter filling and topped with a cinnamon and oat crumble.  And, it's vegan!

Lavender Honey Tart This delicate tart contains a creamy lavender custardmade with local honey and eggs and is topped with a candied sprig of wild foraged lavender.

Pecan Tart This classic tart is based off an early American recipe, before the time of corn syrup and thus relies on traditional ingredients for it's incredible flavor.

Rustic Fruit Galette Our rich, flaky galette dough filled with a delicious blend of seasonal and local fruit.

Salted Caramel Tart A tart shell made of candied pecans, filled with caramel, chocolate ganache, and topped with Sitka sea salt.